Our Impact Is Global

Since inception, Braemar Energy Ventures’ investment strategy has been to partner with technology innovators building and scaling companies driving the global energy revolution. The positive environmental impact and societal benefits of our investments have been our core mission and philosophy. We are convinced that a combination of technology, innovation, and determination can make a difference for the world.

As such, it is our aim to invest in companies that deliver impact through their sustainable products and services and actively manage environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) risks and opportunities. We incorporate ESG into our evaluation of investment opportunities and our actions as owners of portfolio companies. We see safeguarding the environment, improving the social aspects of our businesses, and ensuring good governance as integral parts of achieving our objectives.

Carbon Neutral We have developed and implemented an ESG and Impact policy to formalize our related practices and drive more consistent and robust implementation across our portfolio.

2024 Braemar Energy Ventures Impact and ESG Policy

2024 Braemar Energy Ventures Impact Report

2024 Braemar Energy Ventures Emissions Report

Braemar’s global impact